Greenpeace blesses for better air quality and a wonderful 2008 Olympics

Press release - 2005-07-08
On 8th July 2005, to celebrate Hong Kong’s success in winning the hosting of equestrian event for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, our activists went to Murray Building, in Central, where the long-awaited announcement was made, and performed a street role-play to bless Hong Kong for a wonderful Olympic equestrian event.

"Ho" pinched the ear of "Liao", urging her for immediate review on the Air Quality Objectives (AQO).

Two of our activists dressed up as Patrick Ho, the Secretary for Home Affairs and Sarah Liao, the Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works.  "Ho" pinched the ear of  "Liao", urging her for immediate review on the Air Quality Objectives (AQO).  It is expected that up to 30,000 people, including spectators, athletes, staff, and media from all over the world will come and enjoy the event.  If the air quality in Hong Kong is not improved by then, Hong Kong's reputation will be damaged.  To welcome 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing has already brought a series of measures and policies into practice to strive for better air quality.  We should follow Beijing to act immediately.

The current loose and outdated AQO accounts for the bad air quality in Hong Kong, we have been recalculating the Air Pollution Index (API) of Hong Kong according to the standards of EU.  The results show that the level of pollutants like nitrogen dioxide exceeds the level committed by Beijing in bidding to host the 2008 Olympic Games, and the RSP far exceeds EU standards too.  Low standards do not result in better air quality, but mislead the public instead.  The HKSAR Government should face the problem.