Greenpeace urges Donald in international conference: it's time to act on climate!

Press release - 2007-05-31
While Chief Executive Donald Tsang was delivering his closing speech in front of several hundred international climate delegates attending the International Conference of Climate Change, Greenpeace members unfolded a banner saying, "Donald, Act for Climate Now!". It is to urge the city’s leader for effective measures to cut Hong Kong's greenhouse gas emissions, including a phase-out of incandescent light bulbs, as what a world-class city should do for the climate.


Greenpeace Climate and Energy Campaigner Frances Yeung condemns Tsang's boast of his concern to the climate, which is far away from the truth. She says, "Donald should lead as a global leader does and take concrete measures against climate change which is challenging everyone on earth."

She points out that greenhouse gas emissions are roaring up in the past 10 years and the government remains apathetic to controlling the increase. Hong Kong is lagging behind global cities such as London, New York and Toronto who have established relevant reduction targets.

Greenpeace demands the government to phase out energy inefficient incandescent light bulbs as the first step against climate change. The SAR authority should also curb carbon dioxide emissions from power plants as well as develop massively renewable energy to cut greenhouse gas emissions.