The big “TIME” comes to U.S. Consulate Greenpeace urges Obama to be Climate Hero at Copenhagen

Press release - 2009-11-16
Two Greenpeace activists unfold a 3m x 2m imitated “Time” Magazine cover in front of the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong. The magazine captioned “Key to Copenhagen: Obama, be a Climate leader!” with a picture of U.S. President Barrack Obama, along with a petition which urges him to step up for an agreement in the upcoming Copenhagen Conference in December.

Greenpeace activists stand in front of a 'Time' magazine outside the US consulate in Hong Kong calling on Obama to be a climate leader.

China and the U.S., the two largest greenhouse gas emissions countries, play key roles in pushing for a successful global deal to curb climate change. It is predicted that the President who is currently visiting China, will meet with Chinese officials to discuss and prepare for the Copenhagen Conference.

Greenpeace Campaigner Prentice Koo says the U.S. must shoulder its responsibility at Copenhagen against climate change. "The lives of hundreds of millions of people are on the line, along with the fate of countless species. It is not too late yet for President Obama to step up, walk his talk, and make the US a real champion at the Copenhagen climate negotiations."

Obama just attended the UN climate summit in New York this September, and he indicated not long ago that he did not resist attending the meeting, which could increase the chance of getting breakthrough success.

"There are only three weeks left before the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen, we haven't yet seen any meaningful climate action from the largest historical climate polluter," said Prentice Koo. "If the world is to move away from climate disasters, we need immediate leadership from the United States."

Greenpeace believes that the developed countries ought to provide funding and technical support to developing countries against climate change. It is also demanded that the U.S. should lead this crucial climate change negotiation by committing to reducing 25-40% greenhouse gas emissions before 2020 and setting up a 140-billion fund for climate change adaption by developing countries.

Greenpeace youth delegate-elected to Copenhagen Natalie Ng, who is also present at today's event, says, "I hope that not only the U.S. president but also our Chief Executive Donald Tsang should lead the world towards a better climate. He should commit to a clear greenhouse gas emissions target before the conference and not to shame Hong Kong as an international city."