Urgent drumbeat for climate change

Press release - 2009-12-12
As crucial UN climate talks at Copenhagen enter their second week, Greenpeace joined 20 Chinese traditional drummers at an ancient gate in Beijing to remind world leaders they have just six days left to ensure a strong and fair climate deal

Traditional drummers bang out a beat in Beijing to urge delegates at Copenhegan to stop climate change.

"Time is running out to stop climate change.

"The Copenhagen Climate Summit is our best opportunity for a real deal, one that is fair, ambitious and binding.

"Currently all the pieces are in place, all that is lacking is the political will," said Greenpeace China climate and energy campaigner Liu Shuang.

Climate change is the biggest economic, social and environmental threat facing humankind.

The drummers solemnly beating out their warning are part of a Global Day of Action involving millions of people across the globe concerned about climate change and the impact on them and their children.

The key message worn by the drummers is the global campaign's message that time is running out - TckTckTck.

More than 10 million people have already signed TckTckTck's petition to call for a real deal, and the number is still increasing.

"We are at a tipping point.

"China is already suffering from the impacts of climate change: worsening drought, disappearing glaciers and agricultural losses.

"By acting together we can help ensure a successful meeting," Liu said.

"Halfway through the meeting there has been little progress, and we are still far away from what the science asked." Liu continued,

"But if world leaders can agree to the key issues, we could get a legally binding treaty in an evening."

"US President Barack Obama and other world leaders must do all they can to secure a fair, ambitious and binding global deal in Copenhagen.

They owe it to every person alive today and for the generations to come. Copenhagen is an historic opportunity to prevent climate disaster," concluded Liu.

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