/ Three ways to think differently

Greenpeace celebrates 20 years of tough but rewarding campaigns in Hong Kong; with you by our side we remain impartial and independent.

We live on a plastic planet – toxic and suffocating plastic garbage litters our beaches and oceans, while tiny plastic particles turn up in the bellies of the seafood on our plates.

Our campaigns to “ban the bead” and phase out disposable cutlery are in full force. If you are not already, click here and get plastic smart today!

We are redefining what it means to lead a good life. And it involves ice-cream, coffee, and some alternative ways of understanding how we can live.

Want to know more? Welcome to Greenpeace’s first Solar Café in Hong Kong!

At Greenpeace we are always talking about sustainability. But what about sustainable happiness? One might think shopping is the answer; you know, good old retail therapy? But it turns out that shopping is neither good for making you happy nor for the planet.

Don’t believe me? Read our special feature Shop slow to beat fast fashion and learn how to live happier and greener.

U vs U: Greenpeace is walking the talk. To reduce our carbon footprint and save paper, the Impact Report has gone completely digital.
In the meantime we are preparing our Annual Report for you early next year. If you have any thoughts on your new digital Impact Report, please email us at editor.ea@greenpeace.org.
/ Forecasting the future. What will the year 2037 be like?

Enormous changes have taken place over the past 20 years and the next 20 may change Hong Kong beyond recognition. We’ve created some science-based scenarios to see what might happen by 2037. Want to look into our crystal ball?

An ice-free Arctic or frozen wonderland?

“The year is 2030. The Arctic is now all open ocean; the ice has melted so ships steam through unhindered. Polar Bears have nowhere to go…”

Climate change is not just an Arctic issue. It’s here in Hong Kong too. The Hong Kong Observatory predicts that our temperature is expected to rise by 1-2°C while the sea surface may rise 0.3m between 2031 and 2040. But we have the choice to change our future and save the seas, in every action we take.

Trailing trash vs shoals of fish

"The turtle drifts in the middle of the ocean; on all sides float white bloated plastic waste. Every year 25 million tons of plastic trash is dumped in our oceans, that's the same as three full rubbish trucks tipping their load directly into the ocean every minute..."

That 25 million tons will only grow higher. Just go to any beach on Hong Kong and see how much rubbish is washed up. Greenpeace is pushing fast food outlets to ditch disposable plastics. Our dream is that in 2037, turtles will swim plastic-free in a clear blue ocean.

Clothing mountain vs Less is More

"Waste clothing, discarded shoes choke landfills, fabric factories work at full throttle poisoning the water and land. By 2030, global production of clothing and footwear will pass 100 million tons, but the industry is causing environmental crises with excessive water consumption and waste pollution."

Every year, Hongkongers dump 110,000 tons of clothing; we simply can't keep up with how much we are buying. We are making a clothing mountain. Why not shop smart? Buy clothes that last; fix up old favourites. Greenpeace believes that Less is More, is a much cooler way to live.

Say goodbye to risky nuclear

“In 2034, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station will have reached the end of its 40-year lifespan. But Hong Kong never seriously took up renewable energy, and now a nuclear leak threatens…”

Hong Kong is densely populated and packed with skyscrapers -- but new projects are heralding breakthroughs in solar power. Just like Japan's plans to build the world's biggest floating solar farm, Hong Kong has started a similar pilot project on Shek Pik reservoir. Remember our own very successful Solar Café. No one needs nuclear!

/ Interview @ Goodlife Market

How can "declaring war on ourselves" lead to the ideal of a Goodlife?

Natalie Greenpeace Activist Coordinator

"By everyone being willing to think more about the details of their lives, thinking outside the box: like asking what about making icecream without milk!"

Ka-wing & Tak Local community group

"Because I love animals I forced myself give up meat. This time I want to put my beliefs into practice with my whole heart, and learn how to make really delicious vegetarian food."

Jojo Greenpeace Volunteer

"As well as running a workshop on how to repair and upgrade old clothes, I will also try and re-custom my daughter's old diapers into sanitary napkins. I hope to change people’s habits by offering new skills."

Kate Greenpeace Volunteer

"The Goodlife is not built on material things or external elements; nature is the richest source of happiness. I am now used to carrying around my own cup and utensils."

/ Time to begin the new battle

It was 20 years ago this year that Greenpeace opened its Hong Kong office. We have achieved amazing breakthroughs for the planet with your support in that time. THANK YOU!


Thank you once again for being with us on our journey towards a greener and more peaceful world. With your strength, we are pushing for positive change through action.


Beloved Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior is coming to Hong Kong this winter to “bear witness” to ocean plastic pollution. It will also take time to host FREE public events on weekends.