Stop fossil fuels. We want justice.

People everywhere are rising up in resistance against the fossil fuel industry. Right now, the extractive fossil fuel industry is driving the climate crisis – causing death, destruction and displacement around the world.

The entire industry is built on colonialism and injustice. From systemic pollution and environmental damage to displacement of communities, fraud, collusion, misleading greenwashing marketing campaigns and now the global energy crisis.

Climate change threatens human rights. Fossil fuel companies are responsible for countless crimes against the environment and humanity and they have been getting away with it for far too long.

For a safe and fair world, we need climate justice and Polluters Must Pay for the damages they are causing around the world.

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We demand that fossil fuel companies must: 

  • Stop their climate wrecking activities including their involvement in new fossil fuel projects.
  • Admit and apologise for their crimes.
  • Repair and pay for the damage they have caused