The 6 states elections are over, but our fight goes on. Continue to hold your elected representations responsible for their promises and actions, in line with the rakyat’s demands. Head back to the main page for more information on our Parliamentary Hansard scraping work.




The 6 states elections are in – Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Selangor, and Negeri Sembilan.

We want environmental and climate-conscious state assembly persons representing the rakyat!

#UndiIklim #Vote4Climate

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GDIMY– in partnership with Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia with their portal MY-ADUN – will be interviewing as many Selangor DUN candidates as possible.

#UndIklimS23 is a campaign to present to voters, the direct stand of each Selangor DUN candidate on matters pertaining to climate action, conservation of natural resources, good governance – transparency, accountability and responsibility, freedoms of information, speech and expression, social justice and rights of minorities, legal and moral obligations to citizens, equitability and citizen enfranchisement and participation in governance and nation building and reform of the political, administrative and justice system in the state and the nation.

The information shared on the MY-ADUN portal will provide information for voters to assess the candidates contesting in Selangor so they can vote based on information given by the candidates and data collected and shared about them. GDIMY aims to interview all Selangor DUN candidates.

Greenpeace Malaysia is supporting GDIMY and this effort by amplifying the call to action to voters, as a committee member of the GDIMY coalition.

Watch the interviews that GDIMY have done so far below:


Greenpeace Malaysia is non-partisan and does not seek to support any political party. Our goal is to hold all politicians accountable for protecting the environment and addressing climate change, and to help citizens be more informed and empowered to vote for a sustainable future.