Primary Forest in Papua. © Ulet  Ifansasti / Greenpeace

Protect Nature

Plastic pollution chokes our rivers, fills our landfills, and pollutes our communities. But we have the power to change this now.

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Singapore Haze Pollution Hits an All-Time High. © Nguyen Tuan Anh / Greenpeace

Our throwaway culture led us to where there seems nothing left to hand to the next generation. So let us learn – Let us evolve.

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Wind Farm and Solar Power Plant In Ilocos Norte. © Veejay Villafranca / Greenpeace

Live Sustainably

Our modern consumption habits hurt our planet. Small changes in our lifestyle could bring positive effects. Let’s live simply, so others may simply live.

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The mindless consumption of single-use plastics has also polluted our environment. Time to Break Free From Plastic.

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Wings of Paradise Mural in Kuala Lumpur. © Nandakumar S. Haridas / Greenpeace


We thrive because we are supported by passionate people like you. Let’s make our world better, together.

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Direct Action at Wilmar Refinery in North Sulawesi. © Rendra Hernawan / Greenpeace

Support like yours means our impact is not just measured by positive stories on the news, but by actual change for people.

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