Clean water now!

Every New Zealander deserves to swim in clean rivers and have safe drinking water.

But too many cows and too much chemical fertiliser is rapidly polluting the rivers, lakes and drinking water we all enjoy and rely on.

The Government has just released new rules for fresh water which limit the amount of nitrogen fertiliser farmers can use, but still leave the limit too high.

Sign and share now to join thousands of New Zealanders calling on the Government to ban chemical fertiliser and cut cow numbers.

PETITION: Ban synthetic nitrogen fertiliser

David Parker, Minister for the Environment: We the undersigned call on the NZ Govt to ban synthetic nitrogen fertiliser:

The problem

Synthetic nitrogen fertiliser is added to grass to make it grow faster. More grass means more cows – that means more climate and river pollution.

The solution

But there is another way. Regenerative agriculture works with nature, not against it. If we banned chemical nitrogen fertiliser, we would set ourselves on the way to a better way to farm. A win for our climate and our rivers!