The Government has just introduced a change to the Crown Minerals Act to bring the ban on new offshore oil and gas permits into law.

This is really good, but it won’t go unchallenged.

Make your submission on the proposed bill via the Parliament website.

We can be certain that big oil companies like OMV, Chevron and Equinor (Statoil) will do everything they can to undermine the move. They’ve got deep pockets and back-room lobbyists, but we have people power.

Together we urgently need to make sure that we show the Government that the people of New Zealand support them on this. The existential threat of climate change means we must stop listening to the greedy demands of the oil industry.

Here are some things you might like to include in your submission

  • State your support for legislating an end to new petroleum prospecting, exploration and mining permits in New Zealand.
  • Congratulate the Government on taking a bold and courageous stand on climate change.
  • Mention why it matters to you that the Government brings a ban on oil and gas into law.
  • Talk about the science: If the world is to avoid catastrophic climate change, we cannot burn most of the oil and gas that has already been discovered - let alone search for new reserves. If we are to achieve the agreed Paris ambition of limiting warming to 1.5 degrees by the end of the century the world must immediately end the search for new fossil fuels.
  • Call on the Government to also revoke all existing petroleum prospecting and exploration permits.
  • Call on the Government to also repeal the ‘Anadarko Amendment’ found in section 101A-C of the Act. These sections are inconsistent with the democratic rights of freedom of expression and peaceful protest and were introduced following undemocratic process.