If we can imagine it, we can make it happen. A better normal–one where no Filipino will be vulnerable to pandemics, disasters, and climate impacts–is possible. And each of us can contribute to this transition in our own unique way!

It took the current health crisis to unmask the cracks that keep our society uneven and unequal, with the most vulnerable bearing the brunt of the impacts. Yet we’ve also seen a glimpse of how concerted efforts from frontliners, youth, artists, and ordinary citizens can benefit everyone.

We need government and collective action that’s inspired by community-based solutions we see now. We need a transformative recovery plan that puts us–the people and the environment–at the center.

And we each have a role in this too, because any lasting change we want to see in our cities and municipalities should start with ourselves. Only together can we shape a #BetterNormal.

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