Russian forests

The role of forests in our life hardly could be overestimated. Forests produce clean air and water, mushrooms and berries. They also serve as a place for recreation and protect agricultural lands from draughts and winds.

Wood is a source for paper, lumber, construction materials, furniture etc. More than 1,5 million of people work in the forest sector of Russia. People need forests. That's why it's extremely important that human activity in forests should not result in forests destruction. It is necessary to preserve forests and their diversity for future generation.

Unfortunately the ongoing forest management in Russia is far from perfection. Prevailing of raw timber export, large scale clearcuts with no high quality artificial reforestation is being resulting in maximum harm to nature and very little revenues to the country and its population. Disorder in forest managemnt became even worse after Federal Forest Service of Russia was dissolved in the year 2000. All responsibilities regarding forests were passed to the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. New system of govermance and state control in the forest sector created afterwards is not operational: bureaucrats still cannot decide who is responsible and what should be done. As a result forests and people working there are suffering.

The main objective for our work is to push for reasonable forest management profitable for the country in general and preserving nature and natural values for future generations.

Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. The opinion of Greenpeace