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Region of the Russian Federation: Primorsky Krai

Area: 406 thousand ha

Criteria: (х)

Site Status: inscribed in the World Heritage List in 2001

Status of Territories composing the Site:
Sikhote-Alinsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve with buffer zone and Goraly regional Sanctuary (Zakaznik) (692150, Primorsky Krai, Terneysky District, Terney, ul. Partizanskaya, 44)

Vladimir Arseniev was the first to describe Central Sikhote-Alin at the beginning of the XX Century. He noted the uniqueness, diversity and mosaicity of natural complexes of Sikhote-Alin mountain forests, defining them as “Great Forest”.

The mountainous land of Sikhote-Alin is one of the world's last large habitats of the Amur tiger. Numerous rare and endangered species (Amur ghoral, black bear, Japanese and hooded cranes, black stork, merganser, fish owl, ginseng and rosy rhodiola, etc.) require special measures for conservation in their natural environment. Now the Sikhote-Alinsky Nature Reserve is the largest well protected natural reserve in the belt of the coniferous and broad-leaf forests of Eurasia and America.

Picturesque relief, full-flowing rivers, and exclusive diversity of plant and animal kingdoms — exotic plants and animals with a tropical flavor – make Sikhote-Alin inimitable. There is a large number of sites of aesthetic and recreational importance: rock massifs in the taiga, waterfalls, lakes and rapids, fanciful rock remains, reefs and sandy bays on the coast of the Sea of Japan. Numerous monuments of different archeological cultures are located on the territory of the nature reserve and adjacent areas.


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