Restore Forests: Restore Life

Forest destruction = climate emergency

It is an issue with far-reaching effects that go beyond the Amazon forest in Brazil and the jungles of Indonesia.

But it is one that many companies have overlooked in their race to the top.

10 years ago, companies committed to eliminate deforestation from their products by 2020 and yet they are no where near to keeping that promise.

On average, every year, deforestation for agriculture in tropical countries release the same amount of GHG gases as Germany, Japan and UK’s emissions combined.

50 million ha of forest is set to be destroyed for the production of soya, palm oil and other commodities by the end of this year.

Private and public sectors should work together to provide a just transition that gives local communities and small scale farmers alternative development models that are based on forest protection not deforestation.

We can’t afford more deforestation. To win the fight against climate chaos, we can’t lose more forests.