A Splash of Something Incredible

by Renee

January 17, 2008

Not even a year ago, Steve Jobs said we were making a big fuss over a whole lot of nothing. Since then, he has posted his environmental commitment on the Apple website and on Tuesday for the first time in Apple history he discussed the environment in Macworld’s keynote address.

He did it, not because he is a fan of Greenpeace, but because he was moved by the actions of people who want greener electronics. Greenpeace gave Apple consumers the tools to voice their concerns, to get creative, and to make a statement. And the proof of success was in that speech.

There is only one thing not quite right. He announced a super cool new laptop, but it isn’t as green as it could be. Yes, it does have less of the toxins PVC and BFR, but Steve Jobs could have really revolutionized the industry on Tuesday. He could have announced a toxic free super cool new laptop.

Jobs didn’t give our dream keynote address, but he did a whole lot better than last year. And this time he promised to keep us posted on what their doing.

Keep going, you’re almost there Steve!


By Renee

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