A Taste of our own Medicine

by Maureen Bonner

September 24, 2005

We’re no strangers to protesting, but we’re accustomed to being the ones actually doing it. So when we docked off of Hyannis and welcomed supporters onto our Open Boats, it was ironic to see our opposition over the wind farm circling our ship, waving banners and chanting against us. This Twilight Zone-moment lasted about an hour until most of the naysayers left anti-climatically.

Wind Farm Opposition Protest

During the protest, I resisted the urge to offer advice to the protestors on how to do it better. For starters, the boats never chanted in unison, so they were either hard to hear, or were drowning each other out. Most of their banners were too small to read, or were too complicated with their messaging. However, they did know the most-effective, time-honored, universal protesting technique. The one tactic that will hit your oponents right where it hurts, and bring them to their knees: not the single, but the DOUBLE thumbs down. Ouch.

Our supporters were looking forward to the tour of the ship, but when they realized they got to stand with us during a real-life protest, they were elated. If anything, their commitment to see the wind farm realized was strengthened by the behavior of the opponents.

Check out these photos of the opponents’ shenanigans.


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