AGM: Come and Gone

by Renee

May 11, 2007

Yesterday Rick, Iza, Martin, Sam and I attended Apple’s AGM.

It had its moments of gasps and laughter and beefy security guys. Bill Campbell sat in the front row the entire meeting. If that name rings a bell you can thank Lauren at Columbia for it. Steve sat in the front row for the official meeting part and then, along with three others (including Apple’s General Counsel), sat on uncomfortable looking shiny metal stools on a stage. The room looked very much like a freshman year college lecture classroom, but then again they call Apple’s headquarters a campus.

Iza, the head honcho woman in charge of putting the scorecard together, and Rick, our DC based toxics campaigner, talked about how much Apple has moved in terms of being more transparent and eliminating PVC and BFR’s by the end of 2008.  That step is huge and Steve’s deadline is a full year before anyone else’s, including Dell. Awesome. I knew I loved my mac for a reason and I’ll love my much greener mac a whole lot more.

 Rick even dropped off 250 (a small percentage of what we received) pictures of students from around the country saying "Hey Steve score a 10". One of his beefy assistants held on to it for us. We all want to give everyone that participated in the student week of action a really big hug and kiss. Steve saw first hand that you really care about greener electronics.

 Ted Smith, founder of Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, and Barbara Kyle, Campaign Coordinator for Computer Take Back Campaign, spoke about the noticeable absence of a good global take back program from Job’s green manifesto last week. Jobs responded that the company is taking back in the areas with the largest markets and increasing their iPod recycling goals. . . . Ok. . . . Don’t forget Steve, people notice when they are not being treated equally. I’m sure Apple users in Argentina would really love to know that Apple cares about their access to recycle their electronics in a green manner. Because . . . who else but the companies who are making these products know best how to safely recycle them?

Steve acknowledged our questions and took full responsibility for creating a more transparent process that he hopes to continue being part of the Apple culture. We do too!  

So, I guess that is basically what happened at the meeting. 

Not as exciting as the Guadelupe Gardens Spring Festival where the giant skull got stuck in mulch and it took us two hours of inching the 1,200 pound sculpture back on the truck after spending 5 hours in the sun and heat, but hey it was pretty exciting as far as AGM’s go.

Still in Cali,




By Renee

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