Apple Gets a Little Greener

by Michelle Frey

March 6, 2009

Apple moves closer to eliminating toxics and reducing their carbon footprint. This is fantastic news! Apple has long been an innovative company. They set the trends that other companies follow. That is why Greenpeace has been pushing for Apple to become the greenest technology company out there. We know they can do it! And, that once they do, others will follow. Looks like Apple is on the right track!

Just this week Apple announced new products and took a step closer to meeting their goal of removing toxic BFRs and PVC completely. New iMacs and Mac minis are BFR free and PVC free internally. Whoo Hoo!

That seems to just leave Apple to get rid of the PVC in external power cords, a move which industry insiders tell us is coming soon. Infinite loop has a good analysis of the latest moves from Apple here:

“We have spent a tremendous amount of time and engineering effort and money in coming up with these kinds of solutions ahead of the rest of the industry,” (David Moody, Apple VP of marketing).

On toxic chemicals elimination they are leading the industry, now it’s time for Dell, HP, Lenovo and co to match Apple’s effort and money they have put it to this since May 2007.

And, Apple says they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and will continue to be transparent by publishing a life-cycle analysis for each of their products and how it contributes to environmental issues.

Well, hats off to Apple for taking yet another step towards a greener future!


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