Are we having fun yet?

by Guest Blogger

December 7, 2005

"It was like a hole opened up in the ocean and we fell into it".
Andy on the Arctic Sunrise at around 04:00, 12/05/05

The last twenty-four hours onboard the Arctic Sunrise have been a bit of a nightmare. On Sunday afternoon, after two beautiful days of fair weather sailing the sea started to get a bit frisky and by the evening it was obvious we were in for some pretty nasty swells. But it wasn’t until 04:00 that we fell into a hole in the ocean and achieved our first 70-degree roll.

From my cabin in the hold it sounded like the contents of the ship had exploded. The exact moment it happened, despite my alarm clock having hit the wall and ejected it’s batteries a couple of hours earlier, was earmarked by every single item in my cabin leaping in the air and flying towards the door followed by a huge crash as everything in the ship did the same. I actually laughed out loud. Or maybe it was hysteria.

When I emerged it looked like we’d been burgled. The contents of the galley had set themselves free and in the lounge several shelves of books were happily sliding back and forth across the floor. The hold, once cleared of its own debris was transformed into a network of rope handrails so you could make it from one side to the other without falling. An inspired idea.

Later I made a few half-hearted attempts at writing a web log but the third time my laptop and I literally hit the wall I called it a day.

For now things have calmed down slightly and the ships new rolling technique is random up-and-down circles, which have a loop-the-loop rollercoaster effect. I feel like I’m on a permanent funfair ride with the disadvantage of not being able to get off and have some cotton candy.

– Lally 

(photo ©Greenpeace/Davison)

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