Arrival in Fiji

by Jessica Miller

April 2, 2008

Actually published April 13, 2008 

I finally arrived in Fiji this morning! My flight was delayed a bit and wouldn’t you know it, despite a 4 hour layover in LA my bag didn’t make it onto the plane to Nadi. That aside, I was very happy to land here in Fiji and even happier to have one of my colleagues here in Fiji at the airport to pick me up. The Esperanza is set to pull into Lautoka this afternoon and I’m very excited to see her. I’ve spent a little time on the Arctic Sunrise but this will be my first time setting eyes on the Esperanza. I’ve been dreaming about her for weeks.

After a short drive to Lautoka, I was dropped me off at the hotel so that I could make an attempt at getting rid of my jet lag before the rest of the crew showed up. I had a small breakfast at the little restaurant they have at the hotel and then went back to room for some much-needed shuteye. I woke up a few hours later and decided to head into town. I was looking to see if I could exchange some money and maybe buy something a little lighter than a black dress to wear until my luggage arrives.The town of Lautoka is a busy town with plenty of places to shop, tourist centers, jewelry stores and restaurants. The people are incredibly friendly and it’s not unusual for visitors to be greeted with a “Bula” as they pass on the street.

I’ll be joining the Esperanza for the next few weeks. This is my first time onboard one of our ships for more than a week or so and I just can’t wait. I can remember being in High School and my sister and I sitting on our beds thinking of ways we could convince Greenpeace to let us on one of their zodiacs.Fifteen years later, here I am about to join one of our ships. I can’t find the right words to describe exactly how I’m feeling but I promise to my best to describe it over the next few weeks.

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