At sea around the world

by Guest Blogger

August 21, 2006

Our ships are having a very busy summer.

The newest addition to our fleet, Witness, is in Cape Cod promoting clean energy.

The Arctic Sunrise is involved in an action at a Dutch Port to stop pirate fishing right now. Trawlers operating in the Berents Sea often under-report their daily catches, and transfer parts of their catch unreported to reefer vessels. Our activists are onboard the Mumrinskiy, a Russian reefer ship that we believe is hauling black market cod.  We are preventing the fish from being off-laoded until a thorough inspection takes place.  The action is being used to highlight steps needed to end pirate fishing.

The Rainbow Warrior is in the Mediterranean, where we have really had our hands full lately. Earlier this summer, our efforts to confront the tuna mafia were hindered by the fact that there are so few tuna that no one was catching any. The collapse of blue fin tuna stocks has developed into a major story – and Japan has been implicated in taking three times its quota (and lying about it for years). The Warrior has also been pushing for marine reserves in the Mediterranean, and also took some time to work with Doctors Without Borders in delivering relief supplies to Lebanon.  And on the way to a press conference in Marseille, we rescued three sailors from a sinking yacht last night. The people are fine, but the boat is lost.

The Esperanza is Defending Our Oceans in the Philippines, where plans to highlight the threat of pollution to some of the world’s most diverse coral reefs have coincided with the largest oil spill in the country’s history. Greenpeace is working with the Philippine Coast Guard to assess and control the spill.

According to Joaquin Nava, the governor of the afflicted province, the oil spill has ravaged thousands of hectares of fishing grounds and marine reserves – the source of livelihood for a large number of his constituents. "We can only watch in horror how an oil spill can undo in a few days our initiatives which have taken decades to implement," Nava said, choking back tears.

– John 

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