Bob Watson deserves the Nobel Prize too!

by Kert Davies

December 11, 2007

We are reminded once again by today’s Washington Post coverage of Bali and the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Oslo, Norway, of Exxon’s attacks on the IPCC process through the years. 

While Al Gore and IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri were on hand to receive the prize, we note that Dr. Robert Watson might have shared the stage and Nobel prize accolades..  Watson chaired the IPCC through the really tough years, fending off numerous attacks from Exxon’s Denial Machine. 

A fax revealed in 2001 showed Exxon’s lobbyists asking for Robert Watson’s ouster from his post at IPCC.  He was displaced shortly thereafter and replaced by Pachauri, who has done a fine job.

The same Exxon memo goes on to ask for other government climate officials leftover from the Clinton Admin. to be removed and suggests replacements, including current Bush Administration climate negotiator Harlan Watson.

Both of today’s Washington Post articles quote Harlan "No Mandatory Reductions" Watson in his typically negative tone.  Did someone say "duck"?

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