Cocooned in fog

by Guest Blogger

July 18, 2006

The following posting is from Adam, who is onboard in the Bering Sea…

There is virtually no wind now and the fog has left us for the time being. We have a low swell so it’s a very comfortable ride.

The day started off with us cocooned in fog. It’s sort of strange going along on the calm sea in a little circle of visibility about 100m wide. It makes you think the Marie Celeste or some other ghost ship will suddenly appear out of the mist. Nothing to see but the odd Puffin or Kittiwake

Around 1700 the fog cleared so the whale lookout rotations started again. I just got down from my turn. The ocean is flat to the horizon, which is perfect for sighting a whale’s blowing, but no one’s seen any so far. We are headed into an un-researched section of the Bering where rumor has it that a population of humpbacks was spotted some ten years ago. We are to confirm its existence here and collect some data.

It’s a zig zag search pattern we are on now that will take us up to the Russian border and back a few times and eventually to St. Lawrence Island.

Enjoy, wherever you are, and do something to help save the oceans please!!!

– Adam

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