Cool “McCain Energy Policy Watch” widget

by Mike Gaworecki

June 9, 2008

This is a very cool tool, courtesy of the Drexel University College Democrats, for keeping the pressure on McCain to release his energy policy. In 2000, Bush issued his own energy policy barely a month before the general election, leaving very little time for scrutiny of his proposals. Is McCain trying to pull a similar trick? Given that most of McCain’s policies amount to a continuation of the Bush presidency, and Bush’s policies have brought us the horribly unstable energy market we have today, it certainly would seem McCain is attempting to use a similar tactic to avoid scrutiny, given that, as of this posting, he has been running for more than 411 days.

John McCain has now been officially running for president this cycle for more than a year, and he has yet to put forward any concrete or specific policy proposals regarding America’s energy challenges. I first noticed this some months ago, reading his issues pages and realizing that nowhere does he address energy issues. There is an environment page which is entirely devoid of policy proposals, and several places he refers to the importance of reducing reliance on foreign oil, usually in a national security context. But nowhere does he have any proposals to do that.

You can post the widget to your webpage/blog by visiting the above link and copying the embed code. While there, you can also check out the detailed breakdown of the energy policies laid out by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that the Drexel Dems have compiled.

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