Debunking Bush’s speech on drilling the outer continental shelf

by Mike Gaworecki

July 15, 2008

President Bush gave a highly-partisan speech today in which he announced that he was lifting the presidential moratorium on drilling the outer continental shelf for oil. There are a whole slew of reasons why this is a terrible idea that would not work whatsoever. Maybe that’s why the speech is more about taking pot-shots at the Democratic Congress than any real, substantive explanation of why he thinks this is the right solution to high gas prices. Put simply, it’s not a solution to rising energy costs, period. It’s a way for Bush to throw his pals in the oil industry one last giant bone before he leaves office — or I guess I should say another bone, in addition to his decision not to deal with global warming.

The Natural Resources Defense Council put together a video on Omnisio that details all of the distortions and mistruths contained in Bush’s speech. Check it out: The Truth about drilling, gas prices and OCS.

Please oh PLEASE let the Democratic Congress have the guts and the savvy to effectively neutralize this ridiculously partisan election year stunt. Bush has been screwing up this great country of ours for almost 8 years, we can’t let him continue to lie to and manipulate the public so that his chosen successor can extend his policies. Bush’s disastrous tenure must end at precisely 12:00 noon, January 20th, 2009.

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