Frontiers of Freedom

Koch Industries Climate Denial Front Group

Frontiers of Freedom received $335,000 from Koch foundations, 1997-2015.

Frontiers of Freedom (FF) has actively opposed global warming action for over two decades, with an apparent lapse in activity from 2010-2014.

FF staff have played pivotal roles in forging the communications strategy that fossil fuel companies employed to undermine public undersIn the 2000’s, Frontiers of Freedom focused almost entirely on opposing the findings of climate scientists and advocating against political action on climate change.

FF hosts dozens of studies on its website focusing on climate science denial and high estimates of the cost of climate policy. FF reinforced the Tax Foundation’s characterization of cap-and-trade as a tax on the poor and middle class.

FF affiliates have questioned the expertise of NASA climate scientist James Hanson.

Funding from Koch Foundations:

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