Establishing a base camp

by Guest Blogger

June 29, 2005

We made good time today. Finding not much ice in most of the fjord, we have arrived near its head – within easy heli range of the Daugaard-Jensen glacier.

In fact, Gorden, one of the glaciologists, and Hughie have just left to fly some gear in and establish a base camp.

The camp will be equipped with emergency safety gear such as tents, food and cooking supplies. There is always the risk that after dropping a team at the glacier, the helicopter may not be able to get them back off for a while due to bad weather, mechanical problems, etc. And we’re a long way from any other help, so the glacier team needs enough provisions to safely endure an unscheduled stay.

More on the nuts and bolts of the glacier work in another update, but the bad news is you might have to wait for it. The ship will now go to anchor somewhere for a few days while the scientific work gets done. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that the steep sides of the fjord will block our satellite access so this update may be the last until we head out again.


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