Exxon Admits Directly Funded Denial Science 2008

by Kert Davies

May 26, 2008

Finally. Exxon reveals it is funding junk science DIRECTLY.

We have a direct line between the Exxon purse and scientists who are career global warming deniers.

The ExxonMobil 2008 Corporate Citizenship Report and Worldwide Giving Report were just released by the company ahead of their Annual General Meeting in Dallas tomorrow (May 27th).

This is part of the data from which we have derived all the ExxonSecrets linkages for the past decade.  Normally, the funding grants they report have gone to think-tanks and organizations who have propped up the small army of denial scientists, amplified their voices and injected them into the media and policy arenas.  But this year’s report reveals straight pipe funding to a key nest of skeptics- the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory, home of Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas









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