Exxon henchmen shown the door in Bali

by Kert Davies

December 6, 2007

Well at least there is lots of sightseeing in Bali for the grumpy team from Heartland Institute who had their fake press credentials whisked away by the UN at the last moment last week.  They might, for instance, check out some bull racing! or or maybe they can just go get their teeth filed down in the traditional Balinese coming of age ritual that banishes the evil spirits…not a bad idea for this lot.

 bull racing

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All year, in between expensive but fruitless newspaper ads baiting Al Gore to debate a team of bedraggled global warming deniers, the Heartland Institute has found plenty of time to attack the UN and the IPCC.  In their whining November 30 press release entitled "UN Rejects Press Credentials for Representatives of US Newspaper", they once again quote University of Washington geochemist Eric Steig. Heartland has now used Steig’s comments as the lead example of IPCC "censoring dissenting voices" at least 3 times this year, here, here and last week…

Heartland says the UN IPCC process "has been criticized in the past for censoring dissenting voices in favor of a pre-determined political outcome. Even strong cautions were widely ignored, as in the Second Order Draft Comments (Chapter 6; section 6-42), when Eric Steig cautioned, "In general, the certainty with which this chapter presents our understanding of abrupt climate change is overstated. There is confusion between hypothesis and evidence throughout the chapter."


Steig wrote, in an email, on the subject:

"My views of the IPCC chapter 6, in its draft form, have been greatly misused to imply that I have a problem with the IPCC documents in general. First of all, my comments were taken into account, and the final version was much improved. This proves that the IPCC process works, which is quite the opposite of what Heartland is trying to claim. My views are consistent with that of all other serious scientists and educated people that have bothered to consider the most basic facts.  Anthropogenic climate change is a real and imminent threat."


Steig is a member of the IPCC and now by extension, a Nobel prize winner…good on ya Eric! and he also writes for RealClimate.

This week, Heartland was whining again in Bali…this time that the UN doesn’t want to see their latest Baliwood production, the front group denier puppet show…wait for it…the International Climate Science Coalition.  Just a reminder that Heartland has been given some $676,500 from ExxonMobil since 1998, including over $115,000 in 2006.  We don’t yet know how much Exxon cash they raked in for 2007, wait and see… Find all the details on Heartland’s friends and family at ExxonSecrets. Click on SHOW ALL PEOPLE and click connecting lines to see linkages

Get your facts straight Heartland, or just go sightseeing…you aren’t going to get much else done in Bali. 

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