ExxonMobil: More Money than God

by Kert Davies

January 24, 2008

Over at DeSmogBlog today they picked up on the news of Exxon’s quarterly earnings report…something we all look forward to…

The profiteers fiddle while the economy crumbles

DeSmog’s details and fine calculator work:

ExxonMobil, everyone’s favorite oil company, is set to announce 4th quarter
earnings of $10.37 billion – a paltry $111 million a day.

Expected annual earnings for ExxonMobil in 2007 are a whopping $39 billion –

or about $106 million a day,

$4.4 million an hour and

$73,000 a second.

And now Bush and the Congress want to put a "Economic Stimulus Package" in your pocket – $600 per person – so you can go put it right in Exxon’s pocket the next time you fill up… hmm Exxon’s economy seems to be stimulated quite nicely already


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