First Experiences

by Buffy

June 15, 2006

i knew id have a lot of firsts over the last few days my first time in st. kitts; my first time working with this fantastic team of fellow greenpeacers, all of them from different countries, with something like 60-70 years of experience in the whales campaign between them (i just started at greenpeace in the u.s. a bit over a year ago); and, i thought, id also get to be working on a greenpeace ship for the first time. i was VERY excited about this. i’ve never even SEEN a greenpeace ship in 3-d just pictures & videos and, of course, heard the stories. i was crestfallen to find out that, for unknown and unspecified reasons, the government of st. kitts had refused our application to come into port here. even worse, not only were we not allowed to dock, the arctic sunrise wasnt even allowed to enter st. kitts waters. so much for transparency & freedom of speech and so much for my much anticipated first stint as an onboard campaigner.

of course, this wont stop our work here. were here on the ground (versus the water!) and were not so easily discouraged or dissuaded. we know the truth that you out there are counting on us to represent you and let the folks here know that the global community is against whaling, as well as against these transparent efforts to stymie transparency!

ok, sorry. its also my first blog. i got a little carried away, and fear it reads as a bit preachy. BUT this is definitely the kind of stuff that gets me going i imagine it may be a bit nave, but i still find shenanigans at an institutional/governmental level to be well, incredibly disappointing, if not shocking. not that im not fundamentally disappointed at dishonesty and manipulation at a personal level, but i still believe that those entrusted to govern have a higher responsibility to their citizens, as well as to citizens of the world.

speaking of what we expect from our governments, im off to a meeting with the u.s. delegation. sorry for bloggus interruptus, but i wanted to send my first shout out blog-style before it got much later here

stay tuned i predict sightings of origami whales on the horizon

til the next,


By Buffy

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