First night on the ship

by Jessica Miller

April 3, 2008

Actually published April 13, 2008

Last night was my first night onboard the Esperanza.  I arrived to the ship around 4 pm, it turned out they had actually pulled in earlier in the day and had been in Lautoka for a few hours already.  It was really nice to meet the people that I will be living and working with for the next month and to see a few familiar faces from time I have spent on the ships before.  After dinner, I tried to keep my eyeballs open for a few more hours in an attempt to get over my jet lag.

This morning, I woke up, went out onto the deck for a bit and read. As ports go, Lautoka is beautiful and it was a really nice place to start my day. After breakfast, everyone that was just joining the ship met up for introductions and then we got a tour of the ESPY. The ship seems so big and kind like a maze to me at this point.

I’ve spent the last few hours on the phone trying to track down my luggage. The ship is set to depart on Saturday and I’m really hoping that I’m able to get my bag by then. Otherwise, I might have to spend some time tomorrow exploring my options for clothing in Nadi.

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