Greenpeace USA’s Frontline team is the public face of Greenpeace. Every day, we harness people power to raise funds, educate our communities and build our membership base.

Frontliner Monica Mendoza canvasses in the Gaslamp area of San Diego.

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Greenpeace USA’s Frontline team is the public face of Greenpeace — we have more than 1 million conversations with people across the country each and every year. Every day, we harness people power to raise independent funding (free of corporate and government money), educate our communities, and build our membership base.

Frontline engages with the public face-to-face to raise awareness about our campaigns and inspire people to take action to save our planet by becoming a monthly Greenpeace member. Frontline operates in 13 major cities across the United States to ensure Greenpeace is building a diverse, people-powered movement to win campaigns across the world.

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Our History

Greenpeace USA launched its Frontline Program in 2005 in San Francisco. Frontline quickly became an integral part of Greenpeace USA as a strong fundraising program that also increases the public face of the organization one interaction at a time. Greenpeace USA now has Frontline offices operating in 13 U.S. cities, engaging members of the public (on the street and at their doorstep) and inspiring them to join us in providing a voice for the environment.

Frontline Campaigns

In addition to raising funds, our Frontline offices are the local hubs of Greenpeace activity in their area, where staff engages volunteers in our campaigns at the grassroots level.

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