Goodbye New York, Hello Miami

by Guest Blogger

October 4, 2005

Including both receptions we hosted, nearly 1,000 New Yorkers came onboard the Arctic Sunrise this weekend. For the Open Boats we held on Saturday, I acted as tour guide (a big promotion from greeter!). I think I did a pretty good job for having been onboard three weeks and only had to make up a few of the answers to the questions visitors asked me 😉 Judging by the droopy eyelids and incoherent attempts at conversation of the crew today, I think I can safely say everyone enjoyed their time off in the city.

Today we begin the transit down to Miami, which should take four days. That means I have 96 hours to brush up on my Spanish which I studied in high school and college. But if the locals would like to have a conversation with me in spanish about the alphabet, days of the week, months of the year or the numbers one to 100, I am ready to go right now.

Eight women joined the ship this weekend for the transit down to Miami, giving the ship a sorely needed boost of estrogen. Six of the women are from the Washington, D.C. office and will be helping out the crew as needed.

AllisonAllison BethBeth BeverlyBeverly
JessJess LisaLisa Taleen Taleen

The other two women are winners from the Project Thin Ice competition. They earned a spot on the ship for encouraging their friends to take action to stop global warming.

AndreaAndrea DeniseDenise

Welcome aboard, ladies.


P.S. We said goodbye to Maarga (crew administrator) in New York. Happy trails!

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