Gray skies and howling wind

by Jessica Miller

July 28, 2006

The following posting is from Adam, who is onboard in the Bering Sea…

Our little protected bay is getting some pretty darn strong winds. I’m super happy to have this snug little tank of a boat to hide in and that we are on the north side of Nunivak. It must be pretty scary over on the south side. We have been monitoring the radio over a coast guard request on the whereabouts of a fishing vessel not far to the north who’s EPIRB (emergency satelitte beacon) went off. We were about to call in and find out if it was near enough for us to give assistance when it was found and all ok. A collective sigh of relief…
Even though we are only a few hundred yard from the beach it’s still to rough to launch the RIB so no island exploration for us. We’ve pumped the bilge and cleaned the heads (Bathrooms), cooked too much food, watched vids etc etc. everyone’s pretty stir crazy and bored. It looks like we’ll be stuck here another day or two as well.

We got some news today on the state of the world. It was scary. Sounds like the middle east is going nuts and that we are along for the ride. I wish they could just can it as it’s making it hard for the plight of the environment to be heard above the war cries.



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