Green and Greener

by Renee

May 3, 2007

Yesterday was pretty exciting. You know that whole A Greener Apple thing and all.

 So what’s a girl to do when her whole purpose in being in sunny Northern California when her boss tells her to put away the skull and get ready for a board meeting?


She reads the newspaper. And blogs. And anything else she can get her hands on to see what everyone else is saying about this Greener Apple (by 2008 anyway).


I read this this morning.  


And for a girl spending all her time in Silicon Valley I make sure to check out Valleywag every day (ok sometimes a couple times a day). But they said this yesterday right after the announcment.


Mercury News . . .   Greenpeace  . . . Business Week . . . BBC  . . . Houston Chronical . .   . Wired Magazine (blog) . . .  Not too shabby. Not too shabby.


Holla from Cali —  




By Renee

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