Greenpeace action in Brussels today, includes images!

by Mike Gaworecki

March 10, 2009

Our colleagues in Europoe carried out a terrific action today. To protest the European Union’s failure to commit funds for climate mitigation in developing countries, 340 Greenpeace activists from across Europe converged on a meeting of EU Finance Ministers in Brussels this morning. They blockaded entrances, padlocked themselves to gates, and refused to leave until the ministers put real money on the table. This is a really great follow-on to the Capitol Climate Action last week, and really helps add to the sense of global urgency around the climate crisis.

Not surprisingly, the action produced some very powerful images:

Greenpeace action in Brussels
Greenpeace blocks ‘easy way out’ for EU finance ministers. Hundreds of Greenpeace activists from across Europe blocked the exits of the Brussels building where EU finance ministers are discussing funding for developing nations to tackle climate change. Activists displayed banners in several languages asking EU politicians to “Sav€ the Climate” and “Bail out the Planet”. The Greenpeace activists ‘sealed’ the building and called on ministers not to come out without money on the table to tackle climate change, rather than to continue dishing out billions of taxpayers’ money for failed banks and carmakers. © Greenpeace / Philippe Reynaers

Greenpeace action in Brussels
Police move in to make arrests. © Greenpeace / Philippe Reynaers

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