Greenpeace, Bronze Mermaids and the CKA

by Guest Blogger

January 11, 2009

      Our Collegiate Kiteboarding Association event, despite being plagued by light wind conditions, was a complete success. Greenpeace’s presence was well defined and our event brought a new crowd of passionate ocean users to Greenpeace’s table to sign petitions for President-elect Obama. With several hundred college-age students filling the beach, as well as hundreds of other spectators, the event drew a large, diverse crowd. Event organizers had a stand-up paddleboard race and M.C. Neil Hutchinson kept spirits lively during the day.

       Artist Norm Gitzen’s art display was setup at the beach access, along with the Greenpeace booth, directly en-route to the competition site. This layout let the spectators meander their way through the art display and  speak to Greenpeace representatives about the purpose of the tour: Marine reserves, conservation and environmental awareness. Norm’s beautiful sculptures and wood carvings of marine life and  brought an air of culture to the event.  

        Our age demographic is one that is stereotyped as being both environmentally aware and paradoxically inactive. Being part of an effort to educate and involve more and more students in the fight for our environment makes this awareness campaign worth every minute of waiting for the right conditions. 

Our plan is to head south and then north to chase the wind for an attempt this week. 

-Wells Preston, Guest Blogger for Greenpeace-

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