Henry Waxman v Phil Cooney – Round X

by Kert Davies

December 11, 2007

A new report was released yesterday by the US House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee detailing the conclusions of their extensive investigation into the obstruction and politicization of climate science by the bush Administration.  Happy reading. 

This investigation began when it was revealed that Phil Cooney, then of the White House Council on Environmental Quality was editing government climate reports, downplaying scientific certainty and urgency.  Cooney, who was at the American Petroleum Institute before the White House, left shortly thereafter to go work for, you guessed…Exxon.  Check out what we have on Cooney and friends at ExxonSecrets.

Our favorite part of the back story here, is when the Committee first asked the White House for relevant documents, they said (paraphrased) ‘you might want the Greenpeace FOIAs to start’. 

We had peppered the WH for years for documents and had revealed in those docs hints at  the skulduggery that the Oversight Committee has now dug into.  Many of those documents are available here on Greenpeace Investigations in text searchable format and also on the White House webpage here and  here.

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