In the heart of it

by Guest Blogger

July 6, 2006

The following posting is from Adam, who is onboard in the Bering Sea

We’re really in the heart of Aleut country now. Thick fog and a heavy swell today have made a marked difference to the sunny clear “whale-y” day we had yesterday (although I did spot one big whale fluke through the fog as it dove earlier on.)

It’s been a day of moving from hand-hold to hand-hold, making sandwiches instead of fancy meals. Peering out into the weather marveling at how the people of old didn’t die out from simply getting lost. I can only think that it was because they were still so closely linked to the ecosystem that they were part of, that they could read the water and the birds and the wind like a book.

It’s the modern day disconnect with nature that leads to the shortsighted devastation of life that we are here to try and help bring to an end I think. I really look forward to meeting the Aleut people that see this too, and forming a bond between us that can lead to a broad and comprehensive way of speaking to the problems that face them, and ultimately all of us. Problems that stem from the way this environment
(read resource) is managed.

We’re about 50nm from Unalaska and have just entered Unamak pass, the boat has leveled out a bit and we can get back to doing some normal things like writing blogs and doing chores. We’ve readied the RIBS
(rigid hulled inflatable boats) and all our other gear and cant wait to get the scientists onboard and get out there doing what we came to do!


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