Inhofe Launchs Denial’s Last Gasp

by Kert Davies

December 20, 2007

Now that Bali is done, things are moving forward on the global policy front.  The Bush Administration was sent packing back to Washington, tail firmly between legs but not without weakening the agreement.  The fight now comes back to Capitol Hill where there are efforts afoot to try to craft more global warming legislation in 2008. And apparently the Denial Machine has also come back to DC where it tries to dig trenches in front of any potential momentum and progress.

Sen. James "Hoax" Inhofe, the Archbishop of Denial, and his alter boy Marc Morano (formerly of the Exxon funded Media Research Center), today released a report through the Environment and Public Works minority website, with the headline:

Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007 – Senate Report Debunks "Consensus"

Looking through Inhofe’s list of disputers we find a large number of familiar names.

Here’s an interactive ExxonSecrets map of the 35 plus we have already data on. 


These individuals have been linked through the years with:

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Tech Central Station – set up by Exxon’s operatives at DCI Group

Heartland Institute

Cato Institute

Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow

Frasier Institute

The Annapolis Center

The George Marshall Institute

…and numerous other Exxon-funded groups who have together received millions of dollars since 1998 from the corporation.

We’ll now have to start researching the others named here and see who and what makes them tick.  Its interesting that the Inhofe list includes a String Theorist and a slew of TV weathermen, they have recruited far and wide.  For many of the folks listed and their words quoted, one wonders if they are outright skeptics, or just questioning certain conclusions or lines of reasoning – the normal scientific process as DotEarth noted today. 

We also wonder if the Inhofe 400 share the conclusions of this report or the author’s overt agenda to delay and derail political action on climate.  Time will tell as they Google themselves and find their names linked to the tail end of Exxon’s Denial Machine.

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