COVID-19: courage, collective action, and vigilance

In a matter of weeks the COVID-19 crisis has truly changed our lives. Like so many people around the world, we are feeling a range of emotions. The immense solidarity we've seen as communities come together has underscored the power of collective action. We can continue to advance our work for a country that provides real security and a healthy environment for everyone in this moment.

This is going to be a massive challenge — and also a pivotal time for Greenpeace and our allies. We’ve got to be more vigilant than ever as corporate elites, political elites, and the radical right wing try to take advantage of this crisis for their own agenda. We have little time before the wealthy and powerful bail each other out and working families foot the bill. We need a strong Greenpeace now because the next couple of weeks are vital — the oil bailouts are just one example, banks and airlines will follow, there’s talk about casinos and cruise lines. Massive polluters will benefit while the climate and people suffer.

This crisis has also laid bare injustices which Black, Brown, and working class communities have felt for centuries: lack of health care and paid sick leave, and a system that prioritizes elites over the health of people and the planet. We need to highlight these injustices and build a better tomorrow — and you have the opportunity to make this movement bigger and more powerful than ever.

The COVID-19 crisis demands our movement acts for those most in need and holds the line against opportunistic corporate polluters. But also we have to be real, we can’t work in the same way we always have, and that includes how we fundraise. We won’t compromise on any of our important work to protect people and planet but we can’t do it without you.

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