Junichi Sato: Last blog before his arrest for exposing whaling corruption in Japan

by Kate Smolski

June 24, 2008

This is a rough translation of the final blog that Junichi Sato wrote before he was arrested in Tokyo for allegedly stealing a box of whale meat, itself stolen from the Japanese taxpayers, that he presented to police as evidence of widescale fraud in the whaling industry:

June 20 2008

Whale Meat Embezzlement News No.11: toward IWC and G8

It is sad but it seems like this is the last update of this blog for a while. Last night TV news reported that Aomori police would arrest us.

As I have been continuously saying publicly, I will keep supporting and helping the investigation of what we have done and of the embezzlement of whale meat by the Nisshin Maru’s crew.

We have been helping the investigation. For example, we gave written reports of what we have done to Aomori police, even before I was asked.

I will continue in this supporting spirit.

One month has passed since we revealed the whale meat embezzlement. We have received many supporting and opposing opinions from many people since then. We were even contacted by someone who had further information about the whale meat embezzlement.

Every opinion and all information is very important. Please keep sending it to us.

As my knowledge of the embezzlement grows deeper and deeper, I have re-realized that the corruption runs deep in the research whaling program, which has been conducted by Amakudai-politicians with more than 10,000,000,000 yen in tax money.

Our arrest was reported when this major corruption began to become clear.

I wish this to be a good chance for the Japanese people to think again about the research whaling with a calm mind.

It is true that the whaling issue is not as famous as many other issues. When the whaling issue is discussed, it tends to conclude something like “Whaling is Japanese culture” ”We do not want to prohibit eating whales by Westerners.”

This kind of cheap and easy discussion has become a curtain for the corruption to hide behind.

We should think, as taxpayers, if there is a necessity to use our tax money to conduct this research whaling, which only a very few people profit from.

I want to ask to hearts of people who has been involved to this embezzlement.

Is it OK to keep being silent?

There are many people who know about it.

There was a whale meat eating party at Nagata-Cho(governmental and political center city) on 11 June. Rich whale meat was served to many invited politicians. The whaling is supposed to be “scientific.” Do you think there is no problem using the byproduct this way?

Japanese whaling will be discussed at the IWC starting from next week. It will be interesting to see how the Japanese government will act.

It is certain that the centre of people’s interest will be if Japan can protect the Southern Ocean cooperated with international bodies.

I believe that the crews of Nisshin Maru should contribute to the non-lethal cetacean research since they have special skills and experiences. I believe this is the positive resolution. Prime Minister Fukuda, what do you think about launching a scientific research proposal which includes the impact of global warming in the Antarctic before G8 meeting?

If Japan really wants to be a leading country in environmental issues, I ask the Japanese government to deal in a way which shift this international conflict to international co-operation.

Please support a true discussion about this whaling issue.

I would appreciate it if you would read all my back blogs about the embezzlement.

I believe and hope the Tokyo Prosecutor’s office will reveal the truth.

Greenpeace Japan

Junichi Sato

Junichi is being held without charge in a small whaling town. Demand his release:


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