Last refuge of scoundrels

by Mike Gaworecki

July 16, 2008

This Alternet article delivers the goods:
As Facts Emerge, the False Promise of Offshore Drilling Becomes Clear

From a Bush Admin spokesperson admitting offshore drilling won’t make a short-term impact on energy prices to an informed citizen challenging McCain’s shortsighted new policy proposal at a campaign stop, it’s all there.

The article also exposes the inadequacies of the last refuge of offshore drilling proponents. As the facts of this terrible proposal become common knowledge, Bush, McCain, and Gingrich have been ducking for cover behind a recent Rasmussen poll that found that “two-thirds of Americans want to see the offshore ban rescinded.” Problem is that the poll is completely bogus:

But the Rasmussen poll asked (emphasis added) "In order to reduce the price of gas, should drilling be allowed in offshore oil wells off the coasts of California, Florida, and other states?"

After being misinformed that drilling would lower the price of gas, it’s not surprising that voters would express support.

But what do you think the results would be if an accurate question was offered, such as: should drilling be allowed off the coasts of California, Florida and other states, even though it would NOT lower the price of gas in the next several years?

The mistake that politicians in support of the gas tax holiday made was taking comfort in polls that did not factor in what would happen after all the facts were laid out.

The facts on coastal drilling are coming out. Poll-driven politicians, beware.

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