by Diek

July 10, 2007

Setting course on a GP ship is different from a regular ship. As a navigation mate I try to get a head start, this because I’ve got to check the course line for rocks and other things a ship is not build for and calculate and program and re-check. But because the courses, campaigning and planning are three different things, sometimes my work is for the paper bin. A waist of time? Or waist of energy? Not in my point of view. I do my little thing for the bigger picture. Just like others on board sometimes work on something what doesn’t work out. That is nothing special, that happens everywhere around the world on boats, offices, in heads of masterminds and one braincell organism. It is called evolution. Progress.
Flexibility and creativity are the keywords in that process. And sometimes I want to do something completely different: the laundry! All the way down in the ship we have two washing and drying machines, this week I signed up for 4 days. All by my self, surrounded by spinning machines and soapy air, I can think about something else than courses…

By Diek

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