Lazy Sunday

by Renee

May 6, 2007

It is Sunday night and I’ve been watching Miami Ink for most of the afternoon. I love that show!! And it’s not just because I grew up in South Florida or that I think the owner of Miami Ink is super hot, I just  .  . ..  am a little bored, been in this strange town for two weeks, and don’t feel like doing the dishes.


I was doing some art history research for my next tattoo, but even while I’m trying to decide on what type of frame I want for my back piece (I’m not sure I even believe that one), I couldn’t help but look through the greenmyapple flickr site. There are some great new pictures up.


Check out this one — very creative. I like this one too. And you can’t beat the love from USC — who made that thing? I found this too. Ok, it has nothing to do with a greener apple, but whatever it’s Sunday night and I’m bored.  Back to the green.


The Week Ahead: I know I promised that the skull was underwraps these days, but it is making a two day appearance around Stanford and De Anza College on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Don’t forget to check back later in the week to read the recap.

 While out here in Silicon Valley, I’ve been able to meet some really amazing colleagues. Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition is a great group out of San Jose that has been working on e-waste issues before I had my first computer. The staff there has achieved an incredible amount in this year including helping students create toxic free UC campus’. Wow, a far reaching environmental sustainability policy on every UC campus? That’s amazing. And totally possible on every campus. If you are a student an interested in getting more info on how to start something similar on your campus, you should definately join our student network. There are trainings available and access to Greenpeace campaigners to help your campus group make a real green difference.


One more thing — If you haven’t already seen this, take a look now.  


I’m done now. 


Green dreams and Holla from Cali — Renee

By Renee

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