Lightening Strikes

by Guest Blogger

October 22, 2007

Yesterday evening, a very powerful lightning storm came through camp. As we though it was winding down I was crouched on the porch of the warehouse talking with one of our pilots, Cedar, when a lightning bolt struck a tree about 30 feet from us.  A massive shock came up through my feet and into my legs.  It was very painful, without a doubt the most powerful electric shock I’ve ever received.  I looked at Cedar, and said some things that shouldn’t be put into print, and then asked if we’re okay.  Both of us were shaken up, to say the least, and kind of stumbled back to the main building.  It turns out that a lot of people felt a shock to some degree.  Suzette, who was in the communications room (and my bedroom) writing an email got a major shock.  It turns out that the electric charge likely came up through a ground wire into the room and burned into some of the floorboards.  Also, our inverter, which converts the battery power (charged by our solar panels) from 12 volts into 220, was completely fried.  So we’re without power for some of our most essential electronics.  But we’re working fast to get a new one (and I’m typing fast, since this computer is running on battery power.)

So yesterday was a very exciting day and I think we’re all lucky that no one was seriously hurt. And now I have yet another story to tell when I get home.


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