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by Renee

June 27, 2007

Want to know more about rail security?

I know it doesn’t sound as sexy as saving the whales and climate change, but it’s a pretty important issue that affects communities as much as the planet. If you have listened to any news about the war in Iraq then I’m sure you have heard about attacks on chlorine trucks. If we don’t clean up and tighten security in our chemical plants as well as the train cars that are transporting all those nasty chemicals then you might be hearing about similar attacks in your own neighborhood. I am not a big believer in the theory that telling upsetting stories is going to motivate people to act. I really do believe, however,  that part of becoming an agent of change means that something you saw or heard hits you in the gut and makes it impossible for you not to act.

I think these stories just might hit you in the gut.


NPR’s June 18th Morning Edition story, "Toxic-Freight Threat a Challenge to U.S. Cities," can be heard


The PBS program "Expose" features a two part program on chemical
& rail security at:


Thanks. Renee.

By Renee

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