Milloy’s Limp Strategy Revealed

by Kert Davies

May 16, 2008

Today, HuffingtonPost’s RFK Jr. and Brendan Demelle detail a revealing interview with Steve "Junk-for-Brains" Milloy in the Pittsburg Tribune-Review this week.

In the interview, Milloy talks about his current anti-corporate responsibility campaign against corporations who are better than the laggards at Exxon on global warming policy- which would be most of them at this point…Milloy is targetting General Electric, Alcoa, Fe-Ex and other movers to the left of Exxon on the climate consciousness continuum.

We at ExxonSecrets, remember that Exxon seeded Milloy’s Free Enterprise Action Fund in 2003 with a $50,000 grant for "Research" to the Free Enterprise Action Institute, an organization that exists nowhere in the world except in Milloy’s mind and on Exxon’s World Giving Report documents.  Exxon followed this with a $70,000 grant in 2005 to the Free Enterprise Education Institute for "Corporate Social Responsibility and Climate Change" though this annotation did not appear in the public Exxon World Giving Report, only in Exxon’s tax forms to the IRS…hmmm  but remember that Exxon dropped Milloy in 2006…so sad

Also of interest is the leading stock holding of Free Enterprise Action Fund is none other than Exxon at over 4% of stock held.

We also note that Milloy was scoffed at during a recent Wall St Journal green forum for trashing corporate leaders on climate policy.  Hopefully corporations will brush Milloy aside at their annual meetings this year, as you would an annoying gnat…



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