Music and Good Wood

by Renata

June 8, 2007

Neither me nor my mom can remember the 1960s—I wasn’t born then, and she . . .—but we both can tell you that much of the music we love from this period is revolutionary and radical and life-changing. The rock & roll that gets me up in the morning, and keeps me going throughout the day, is cutting-edge and inspiring. It is now, and it was when it was first released, both connected to its times, and way ahead of its times.

My infatuation with music and the incredible power it has is one of the reasons why Greenpeace’s Musicwood Campaign is so exciting to me. This campaign is partnering with the music industry to protect threatened forest habitats and safeguard the future of the trees critical to making musical instruments. Musicwood is literally using music to bring about a hugely positive and radical change not only for Southeastern Alaskan forests, but—as is the case with most environmental work— for all of us.

Greenpeace and musical instrument manufacturers are working together to increase the availability of traditional woods used by musical instrument manufacturers that can be certified to the exacting management standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Musicwood is demonstrating, one species at a time, that there is a strong and growing market for well-managed, FSC certified wood. This is important because currently, there are no FSC certified forests in the entire state of Alaska and the predominant logging practice remains clear-cutting. Transitioning private land suppliers over to the FSC system will ensure a well-managed supply of Sitka spruce for the long term, meeting the needs of manufacturers while greatly benefiting Alaskan Native communities. Musicwood’s goal is to create a demand by consumers and businesses for FSC certified "good wood" as the only acceptable music wood from the North American coastal temperate rainforest.

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By Renata

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